Thursday, May 10, 2012

Construction Update: March 1 to April 11, 2012

During the period from March 1 through April 11, Henley Construction Company:
  • began work on the footings on the north end of the building;
  • completed basement excavation;
  • finished existing slab sawings for underground plumbing and electrical;
  • finished footings in the basement area;
  • worked on existing slab demolition for underground plumbing and electric;
  • delivered all building underground piping to the site (sanitary and storm);
  • finished storm line piping to flow splitter;
  • started and finished placing concrete for the elevator pit;
  • started plumbing underground storm lines;
  • formed and poured basement foundation walls; and
  • started removing the metal deck.

The construction project has been underway for 114 days.

Posted by R. Gale.

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