Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Construction Update: December 5-December 22, 2012

Henley Construction Company reports that they have:
  • Prepared for installation of metal at high roof/monitor roof; 
  • Contiued installing PVC low roof;
  • Begun installation of air barrier;
  • Continued duct work installation at North end of library;
  • Continued interior light gauge framing;
  • Continued plumbing and electrical rough-in for all areas;
  • Completed stone veneer sample panel;
  • Installed steel at chimney infill;
  • Started mechanical, piping in basement and chill water piping;
  • Started installing duct branches on second floor;
  • Continued installing duct branches on first floor north;
  • Started setting door frames on north end; and
  • Tied in storm water lines from roof dreains in all areas.

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