Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Construction Update: February 13-February 26, 2013

Henley Construction Company has reported that they have:
  • Started upper level spray fire proofing
  • Continued with air barrier, all areas
  • Installation of fiber cement panel
  • Continued metal roof installation
  • Continued window installation
  • Continued interior stone veneer on exterior cmu
  • Continued pluming rough ins, all areas
  • Continued with electric rough ins, all areas
  • Continued with duct installation, south end
  • Started sprinkler mains and branches, 1st/2nd floors
  • Installed coiling door supports and doors, 1st/2nd floors
  • Installed switchgear
  • Connected storm lines from bldg to flow splitter 1
  • Began fixing roof deficiencies per Gail Reports

Posted by Kay Bowman

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