Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shelves are Coming! The Shelves are Coming!

The Gaithersburg Library needs lots of shelves to display thousands of items that will be available to borrow. Specifically, we'll install 9941 linear feet of shelving, or 1.88 miles worth.

Two 53-foot flatbed trucks are delivering Gaithersburg Library's new shelving from Georgetown, Massachusetts, within the next couple of weeks. The trucks will travel about 475 miles with our 30 tons of shelving. You may see them unloading at the new building.

The tallest bookcases will be 66 inches, contributing to the library's atmosphere of openness. Books on the sloped bottom shelves will be canted to allow easier reading of titles and call numbers.

At the ends of some of the shelf ranges, you'll find touch-screen monitors for easy catalog searching to locate materials.

Watch this space! Each week, we'll be featuring a different aspect of the new Gaithersburg Library, its collection, technology, and services.

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