Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wellbeing Café at Gaithersburg Library

Do you love a warm beverage and a good book? If so, you’re in luck because the newly renovated Gaithersburg Library has a café in the foyer! The Wellbeing Café has tasty items such as coffee (of course), tea, smoothies, cookies, pastries, fruit and other snacks.

treats at Wellbeing CafeAccording to one of the employees, the “big cookies and muffins” are the top-selling treats.

Gaithersburg Library foyer with cafe tablesWe have tables and chairs in our foyer for you to sit in while enjoying your treats, but remember, food and drinks are not allowed inside the library. The café is open during regular Gaithersburg Library hours.

Tables and chairs in the Gaithersburg Library foyer. So come and give the café a try when you visit the library!

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