Monday, May 19, 2014

Borrow an e-Reader

Don’t have an e-reader but want to read e-books? Curious about using e-readers and want to try one out? Come to the library! GaithersburgOlney and Long Branch libraries have e-readers available to check out for free.

The 3M Discovery Station, pictured above, allows you to search for e-books and check them out to your library account. You can also browse the 3M Cloud Library collection.

After the books are added to your account, go to the Circulation Desk or Information Desk to check out the 3M e-reader and have the books transferred to the device.

Then, enjoy your book!

Do you already own an e-reader, tablet or smartphone? Download the 3M Cloud Library app to begin reading your books right now.

What are you waiting for? Come borrow a 3M e-reader today!


  1. Will the e-reader "read" the book much like listening to a book on CD?

    1. I'm sorry that the e-reader will not "read" e-books like listening to a book on CD but we have a great selection of audiobooks that you can download to your own device. Have a look here:

  2. What is the loan period for an e-reader?