Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Free Community Yoga at Gaithersburg Library

Photo of woman meditating

Stop what you’re doing right now. Inhale deeply while counting to 5. Now exhale completely to a count of 5. Do this a few more times. You may even choose to close your eyes.

Now take notice of how you feel in this moment. Do you feel more relaxed and at ease than before? Are your thoughts clearer? Do you feel recharged?

Most of us are constantly multitasking and moving from one activity to another – commuting to work, working, taking care of our children, walking our dogs, exercising, spending time with our loved ones, cleaning, cooking & more.

Why not make time to connect to yourself by coming to a Free Community Yoga Program presented by Gaithersburg Library and Dahn Yoga Gaithersburg?  This 6 week program will take place every Tuesday from September 30th  – November  4th. The yoga class will begin promptly at 11 am and will last approximately one hour.

Be sure to bring your own yoga mat and arrive at least 5 minutes early.

This gentle yoga program is ideal for seniors and beginners, but all levels are welcome. Registration is encouraged, but not required.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health (accessible via MCPL's Health & Wellness Resource Center online database), yoga not only improves relaxation and reduces stress, but the benefits of yoga include alleviating problems associated with:

• high blood pressure
• high cholesterol
• migraine headaches
• asthma
• shallow breathing
• backaches
• constipation
• diabetes
• menopause
• multiple sclerosis
• varicose veins
• carpal tunnel syndrome

We hope to see you enjoying the many benefits of yoga at Free Community Yoga at Gaithersburg Library in the next few weeks.

If you can't make it to the yoga program, you can always check out a yoga DVD from the library to practice yoga anytime, anywhere.


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  1. I love doing yoga as I know all health benefits of doing it daily. I had cured my asthma problem with yoga. I want to see yoga video which have yoga steps to reduce belly fat. Can you share here for me some videos?

  2. Great! I didn't see any yoga DVDs in our collection that specifically target reducing belly fat but I did see this one that targets the core. Title: Creative core + lower body [DVD] / Shiva Rea ; director, James Wvinner ; producer, Paul Eckstein ; a Yoga, Tribe and Culture production for Acacia.