Saturday, July 25, 2015

aimHI at the Library!

Working on library PCs to develop mobile applications.
This summer Gaithersburg Library has hosted a group of high school students working in collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools and the Food and Drug Administration in a program called aimHI. These past few weeks we have watched as these students went from meeting each other for the first time to working together as a project team to research, develop and produce a mobile application. Using open web applications and library and FDA resources these students have learned to use entrepreneurial skill sets to build and develop a product. While they have had much help from collaboration partners they have been the driving force behind this product. We have been thrilled to host them at Gaithersburg Library and have taken great pride in the work they have done here. Besides working in our computer lab, the students have used some of the libraries free resources. These are available to all of our members and might spur you on to great things as well. Two highlights are:

Safari Books A collection of over 9000 web-based e-books that provide a wide variety of technical information. These materials will help you learn to code, draft a resume, and develop your project management skills, all useful when you are on your way to the next big thing.


Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center-This database focuses on health related topics and provides the user with up to the day, current information on their topic of choice. You can search multiple medical dictionaries as well as peer-reviewed journals. This database is extremely easy to use and beats googling what prescription your doctor just gave you any day.


One of many lessons on best business practices.
The students have utilized a variety of resources and have come a long way since day one. Visit us on Monday, July 27 at 1:00 PM as the students will be on hand in our lobby to demonstrate some of what they have developed. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Do You Want to Lead a Book Club?

We’re looking for volunteers to run a book club at Gaithersburg Library! This book club will read all genres – fiction, nonfiction, mystery, sci-fi, etc.

Potential volunteers must have:

· Diverse reading interests.
· Availability to meet and prepare for monthly meetings, which will most likely occur on a weeknight.

Major plus: 

· Experience running a book club.

Current book clubs can meet at the library, but the book club has to be open to the public.

If you're interested, please call Gaithersburg Library at 240.773.9490 or stop by the library to speak with Kay Bowman. We look forward to hearing from you!