Thursday, October 12, 2017

ScienceTellers Sail into the Library November 4

On November 4 the whole family can set sail with us on an action-packed adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a deserted island.

ScienceTellers' "Tall Ships and Pirate Tales" will engage children with the story of a marooned crew that must rescue their captain and build a ship before all hope is lost… at sea! With possible mutiny and high-tide looming, they must find a way to construct planks, sails, rigging, rails, everything a pirate ship needs to get off the island.

Man using a small leaf blower to propel toilet paper over a crowd of delighted children.

Throughout the story, volunteers from the audience will help explore the science behind clouds, flash paper, air pressure, inertia, explosions, and more. The program is designed around various Next Generation Science Standards, so kids may recognize some concepts and be introduced to new material in the fields of physics and chemistry.

The adventure starts at 11:00 AM, November 4, on the second floor of the Gaithersburg library. All aboard to experience this refreshing nautical tale with a twist!

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